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   At age 5, Bill Lopa segued from mastering his coloring books to bi-weekly art classes at the Nutley Art Academy, where he credits his instructors with education him about structure, form, and depth perception. Montclair Art Academy followed, and Lopa earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from William Paterson College in Wayne, New Jersey. 

An avid sports enthusiast and life observer, William Lopa believes in channeling his creative urges in order to produce unique artwork for the benefit of others. His art is a reflection of what he loves in genres he finds most challenging and enjoyable.

Working with acrylics, Lopa uses a "splatter" technique in which color is applied using a pallet knife. The fusion of bold colors and his splatter technique captures the image and spirit of an athlete in motion.

His passion, however, incredibly extends beyond the capturing of images in motion. He has expanded his experience and expertise to uniquely reflect iconic figures in American history and beyond. His inspiration for his work is the miracle of life, which has recently contributed to his hunger for design of pop art images.

Lopa Studios was developed from a combination of Lopa’s education, training, and experience, which allows his perspective as an artist to remain traditional, yet contemporary, as well as relentlessly undying. Art is how he battles against the indifference of humans and enables new ways of not only viewing, but also advancing, the world, most especially incredibly important charitable causes.  Over his professional career, Lopa’s paintings have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities across the country like; the American Cancer Society, Barbara Sinatra Children’s Hospital, James Brown Cancer Center, the Leukemia Foundation, the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research and many more...

There is an undeniable buzz both around Lopa and the artwork he creates. His formidable talent continues, in light of his unparalleled passion, to take his work to new heights and has proven to serve art enthusiasts and benefactors alike.

Bill Lopa Painting Jack Cigar at a Show

Bill Lopa Painting Jack Cigar at a Show