Horse racing's biggest yearly ultimate prize... "The Triple Crown" This piece pays tribute to three jockeys and their horses that accomplished it. Ron Turcott on SECRETARIAT  won the U.S. Triple Crown in 1973, Jean Cruguet on SEATTLE SLEW won the U.S. Triple Crown in 1973 and in 1978 Steve Cauthen became the youngest jockey to win the U. S. Triple Crown on AFFIRMED. Cauthen is the only jockey ever named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.

This is a magnificent fine art AROC (artist recreation on canvas) where the artist hand embellishes each giclee to look like the original (which sold for $20k) so each AROC is unique and practically a one of a kind because no two are the exact same. There were only 25 giclees made of this piece which were signed and only a few are left.

In all probability, you could never get these 3 Jockeys to sign together on 1 piece ever again. Cruguet is 80 and lives in France and it is has been mentioned that Cauthen doesn't sign anymore.


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